Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Point of View

 If you view my living room from the back door you'd probably notice that this side of the room needs some work.

So I decided to compile a list of things that I would like to add/change in this space… a personal to do list of sorts:

1. I want to add a large piece of art or a couple smaller pieces of art above the sofa.

Maybe something like this, which I saw here.
I can never really find anything that I love though... so the search for art goes on!

3. Replace the love seat with one or two accent chairs. I'm not talking about chunky recliners -- although my husband would probably love that. I'm talking about smaller pieces with nice lines because I think our current furniture doesn't fit well. I hope replacing the love seat with pieces with a smaller footprint will open up the space. Walking into a house and being greeted by a large rear-view of a love seat isn't very appealing.

I like these deep seated chairs found at this site.

Or maybe something fun like this chair from Target. I <3 Target!

And then there's this sleek, chic option. Oh the choices!

4. I would like to replace the current black split cover on the sofa with a new grey separate seat slipcover by SureFit. I'd also like to replace the pillows on the couch.

The tile separate seat sofa cover.

The herringbone separate seat.

5. Buy a bigger rug since our current rug looks pretty small in our living room -- it worked well in our apartment but that living room was probably half the size. We may be able to move that rug into the dining room, which would be wonderful! I haven't really nailed down any serious options but I am thinking I'd like to keep it in the black, grey, blue or neutral color spectrum.

6. Table lamp for the end table by the sofa and a freestanding lamp for additional mood lighting. I've always like side lighting better than overhead lighting. It just feels softer and more lively.

A colored glass table lamp from Pottery Barn.

These little branchy lamps make me smile!

Whooo! This was my longest post ever! But stay tuned… I plan to talk about my dining room soon…plus details on how I scored a $700+ table for only $150!

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