Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pining for Dining

About a month and a half ago while my husband and I were waiting for the house to close I decided we really needed a dining room table! I had been looking online and at several stores. Then I realized that I didn't really want to spend $800 on a table, so I started looking on Craigslist. Once I spotted the ad for a dining room table and six chairs for $120 I was pumped! I clicked on the listing to check out the table and saw that it was nice and seemed to be in good shape. So I sent a message to the seller to see if it was still available. She told me that someone was going to pick it up that evening. I was pretty disappointed. I called my husband and told him I felt like we were missing out on a great deal -- that's when I got an idea. I text the lady back and asked her if we could have it if we gave her $150 and picked it up that night. She said yes, if we picked it up that night.. so that's what we did. The Craigslist lady said she paid upwards of $700 for it when it was new... crazy! I believe she got it from the Room Store. Apparently she didn't use it anymore, so her loss was our gain! Without any further ado here is our dining room:

I've been thinking about staining the table a dark wood tone or possibly this ebony stain by Minwax.

This is a close up of our table decor. It's all from Ikea -- and I sewed the table runner out of this fabric also from Ikea.

Future plans for the room include getting new dishes. I've really been wanting all white dishes. I think they would look great with the color scheme I have planned for the room. And even if I change my mind they could go with any color. So hopefully I'll update one day soon showing you my new white dishes! :) 

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